Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Artic Cold

Hey All-

 So the "polar vortex" has finally passed! Its like a heat wave right now, even though it is only 9 degrees! The past couple days I have been sick with a cold so I haven't been doing much!

Although I did find time to go look at a new car! That's right this girl is getting a new car! This our first big purchase as a married couple. Thank God we are on the same page as to buying this car! Last night I got to keep it overnight trying to help me make a decision and I we are going tonight to buy it!!! (Pictures to come soon) 

 Our first dance together! 

Another big thing happened this week. 7 years ago this 15 year old boy asked this 14 year old girl to be his girlfriend. Now look at us married!

Wow how time flies!


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