Friday, October 18, 2013

The bathroom is finally done!!


The bathroom is finally done, and I am so excited! No more going downstairs to shower! Yay!!! My husband did such an amazing job on it, it is so great to be married to a contractor! So shall we get started!

So here is how ugly our bathroom was before! I wanted to remodel everything in the bathroom, but easy for me to say I don't do the hard work! So I was originally going to paint the tiles as seen on Pinterest. Alex was going to tile the floor, change the window, toilet and we would paint. But our plan went to shreds when we had a water leak. Yay! We get to remodel the whole bathroom! 
We are getting there! 

It is so pretty! I love it! He did such a great job! We bought the big tiles from Home Depot for $84.50, it was 400 and some but since we had gift cards from our wedding we got them for a great deal! Then we had leftover little tiles from the kitchen back splash so instead of wasting those we incorporated them into the shower! Yay! We bought the glass tiles from Lowes we had to buy 8 of them so $80.00 for those. We got a FREE toilet, faucet and sink from jobs Alex has done! The vanity was around $250, the mirror over it was close to $100. The bath tub was around 300. For the floor we used what we had left over from our kitchen but we had to buy a couple more so we will say around $25. Then the bathroom accessories the shower head etc was $179. We did this bathroom under $1100 dollars! 

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