Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weddings and Projects

So last night I went to the first wedding after mine! It was so nice to not be planning a wedding any more. It takes up so much time! I was to do my wedding DAY over but not the planning. I just want to keep marrying my husband over and over! 

Anyways, it was an outdoor wedding in the middle of October in IOWA! Brrr it was cold but beautiful. It was one of my moms good friends from middle schools daughter who got married. So my mom asked me to be her date, and of course I said yes! 

Here we are at the reception, my mom is my best friend. I love her to pieces! 

So today my husband is re-shingling our roof. Exciting I know! Its project after project around here. We had to get it done before winter, it was bad you can tell from the first post. But we have a lot of family that has come to help and a few of Alex's friends. 

Pictures to come of today's adventures with Life of the Richards! 

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