Friday, November 8, 2013

Wedding Shadow Box

Hey Guys-

So today I had a day off of work and well today was CRAFT DAY!!! Yay! So I have had this wedding shadow box on my to do list for about a month! Oops so Alex ask "Are you ever going to get the shadow box done, you keep doing other crafts when you have this one right here?" Hmm...he has a good point, I should get that done then I can check it off. So today was the day! 

I have been Pinteresting ideas of how other people did their shadow boxes, so here is how mine turned out.

The flowers were the most difficult to get in the shadow box! Ugh but you just have to close the lid on it! I felt so bad for my flowers! 

What I put in my shadow box:

Dried Bridal Bouquet

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Program


Cake Topper

and the most important to me are my bouquet charms

I tried 5 different ways I wanted to place everything on the board, and this was the last one I came up with. I had to get rid of a couple things I wanted in there but I love the way it turned out.

There will be more on the blog of the crafts I did today, let me know how your wedding shadow box goes! 


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