Friday, November 1, 2013

Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles

Since we have our own place this year, this means I can decorate! We all know what time it is, I didn't do a lot for Halloween but I have for Thanksgiving! I have been saving wine bottles to do Pinterest projects! Well since I have no wedding to plan for I actually have time do this! I wanted to do the twine wrapped wine bottles. 

So here is my version:

What you need:

A roll of jute
6 wine bottles

Hot glue gun

White paint


Brown Ribbon

Artificial cat tails (Michaels for 4.99 with coupon)

I already had wine bottles, paint and ribbon.
Total cost of materials:  $8.48

Step 1:
On the lip of the wine bottle put hot glue to hold the start of the jute and wrap around! 

Step 2: 
Wrap around the wine bottle

Step 3: 
Place stencils on wine bottle

Step 4: 
Paint the letter on

Step 5: 
Tie the ribbon on

Step 6: 
Put the cat tails in the bottles and decorate!!! 

Perfect for thanksgiving! Let me know how yours go!!!


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